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Taking Good care to its players

I want to say or express this to the community.

E7" Stove" is really taking good care of his/her players.

I'm really thankful to the devs since even tho I'm just a F2P player they take action about my account.

They are surely taking care of their players even you P2W or F2P. "Been playing around 2019"

Oh my problem is that my account is link to my fb in which fb banned that account. 

Process takes weeks since I'm not the only one who got problems. hehe (●'◡'●) 

and finally my goyd I got my account back Arigathanks gozaimuch!!! (❁´◡`❁) 

I can see my Yuna again!! 

RNG Goddess Please bless me the Seaside Bellona!!!! 

Epic 7 , Stove. Thank you so much.

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