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Why is Straze doing so little damage to hell Vera [1]

He have 4k attack and atk buff

According to the damage calculator,if the enemy attack is lower than 1666(when he have 4k attack) ,the enemy will take full take the full damage

When Straze have an atk buff,the enemy need to have 3637 attack to not get full damage

For example +24 hell cutter with 1 stack does 32k damage to lv1 monster

Same situation but lv64 monster and 12 stacks,he does 59k damage

As you can see Vera is taking higher exta damage

 and the other image shows how vera is taking very little damage(I know the boss gains a stackable attack but still 7k damage)

The damage the boss takes cannot exceed 50% of his max hp so that rule don't apply here(I am doing more than double the damage on the image above)

Even if the boss attack is higher than atk buffed with 1 stack(da*n those random dual attacks)on hell cutter(which translates to 6146 attack...the boss need to have more than 6146 attack to have his defense penetrated by only 30%),he should be doing 14k not half(the boss don't have 15.4k max hp to trigger the skill which reduces the damage taken)

Even if for some reason the 30% penetration is not triggering,he should be doing 10k damage not 7.7k

The boss need to have 5k defense and 4484 attack to take that kind of damage or 10k attack and 2k defense

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    2021.07.11 15:35 (UTC+0)

    The boss got stackable atk, def from its passive. If the fight prolong, it can easily reach 6k atk, 3k def. Maybe that why.

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