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Golem Hunting [9]

I've been farming Golem 10 for ore for atk gear for my newly acquired SSB. I'm just missing boots now, (mediocre gear as I can only farm 10 atm)

my team is Tama, Sigret, Kiris for the poison, and SSB. (replaced Furious).

SSB's unhealable is coming in handy, but I'd like to be able to go after higher levels...

which heroes should I look out for. and/or invest in to be able to farm higher levels?

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    2021.07.11 11:45 (UTC+0)

    First off I think dropping the water units is something that should be obvious. They have chance of missing the golem, and he gets to deal additional damage to them.

    When I used to farm golem for a while I used ARas, Tenebria, Khawana and tried both MHazel (does conflict with Kawana a bit) and Tamarine. Not the best setup, certainly not one shot one, but fairly dependable. I know people used to run Sol before the change to his skills, not sure if thats still viable.

    However if you are going mono Fire element team, either MHazel or Kawana are the way to go for som easy extra buff granted by their skills. MHazel got buffed recently so she might be even better in this setup, but remember to give her Bottle so she has an extra cleanse, since post buff she finally has one, but thats not enough if Golem gets good RnG on you.

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    2021.07.11 11:58 (UTC+0)

    Ravi and Tama should be able to auto any golem.

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    2021.07.11 12:56 (UTC+0)

    I'm farming g12 with Roana, gpurrgis, kayron, cerato. Not sure if you have them, some are kinda hard to get, but the win rate is 100% here. 

    G13 I'm too lazy to invest in units. 😆 However I imagine sc carrot would be quite good here! 

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    2021.07.11 13:16 (UTC+0)

    I use Aras, cermainrose, tamarine, iseria

    can u pls state the green and red hero u have?

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    2021.07.11 15:14 (UTC+0)

    Roana is easy mode on any golem hunt except 13

    I usually do it with just lilias and cermia

    Can be done with A.Ras and Sol too

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    2021.07.11 16:35 (UTC+0)

    Sol is pretty much your best bet if you have him. There are one-shot comps w/ him if you get to that point in the future. A healer/cleanser is necessary, since Golem will put on def break and can counter, which will nuke your team. Lilias w/ her S3 can help a lot here, and if built right her S3 can help w/ dmg (her guaranteed dual atk on S1 is obviously very good). In terms of heals any non-ice healer will do, but keep in mind that for 13 hunts off-turn heals are ineffective (so no Roana). Tamarine is obviously best, but others will work. Lastly, you'll want a def breaker. I use Tenebria since she can also sleep the minions and keep them out of the way, but there's a bunch of options here too. I've heard Elphelt works well, and any single-target Ranger w/ Elphelt's artifact will work too. 

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    2021.07.11 17:05 (UTC+0)

    Instead of farming golem 10 you better get the gear from nixied's sanctum 5, you know critical damage is better than attack.

    Weapon, helmet, armor and shoes are DESTRUCTION/////necklace-ring are CRITICAL RATE. All of them are lv 78, have already fixed very good substats and are perfect for a slow SSB.

    Those gear may not be as good as a lv 85 reforged to a lv 90 set but they are easier, faster and guaranteed to farm compared to the endless cycle of farming and crafting.

    Back on topic, for golem I'm using Cermia as main DPS, Aramintha for attack buff and unhealable debuff, Champion Zerato for def reduction debuff transferring and Roana as tank/healer.

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    2021.07.11 17:49 (UTC+0)

    For golem, I use Sol Badguy, Champion Zerato, Bellona, and Cermia, Just hit auto and watch the golem die.

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