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I would like to suggest an adjustment to Melissa that I believe would make her more relevant in competitive play.  This adjustment could be implemented via character buff or exclusive equipment:

- Additional effect to Skill 3 (Blood Bloom): This skill ignores stealth.

By adding this effect to Blood Bloom, Melissa would become threatening pick into units with stealth buff, guiding light holders, and Specter Tenebria while giving her the advantage of not being forced to AOE the opponent's other characters in order to deal with a stealth unit.  This adjustment would make her the only character able to single target stealth units making her unique to other counter stealth options.  I believe this would round off Melissa's kit nicely without changing how she already functions as a character.  Most importantly, it would definitely increase her presence in world arena.

Additionally, Melissa is a vampire.  Lore-wise it makes sense for her to sniff out hidden prey.

Thank you for your time and all of your hard work, guys!

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    2021.07.12 16:25 (UTC+0)

    "I want Melissa to literally be able to hit anything for no reason and refuse to bring reach when I need it"

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