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Google accounts being missing after Straze update [3]

  • JarotTv
  • 2021.07.11 00:17 (UTC+0)
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So I log in normally in my account that I have in multiple devices (my phone, tablet, etc) and right after straze update I log in everithng was ok I get my 100 free mystics try to pull for straze, dont get luck, open the free 5* ticket and no luck there cuz pull a dupe, then I close the game cuz there will be an emergency update, I close the game and w8 , then update the game and go inside and log in with my google account again , but there is where I notice something wrong, a pop window with term and services pop in my screen (in my mind I think ok they maybe update terms and services too and they make this so people need to accept them again) so I accept them and then another window pops .... the server selection window...... and I was like .... why this window pop I see global server and see there is no info about my lvl and name there... aparently my account now is missing .... my friends still can see my account in their friendlist ingame , also in guild, but for some extrange reason gets unlinket between the first and emergency update
I have play since 2019 and now all my money I have spend and my characters, my progress is just lost, I already sent a ticket with out answer for this problem, I have screenshots of my account,where if they ask me to send to return my account I can privide but they just dont asnwer, and they dont acknowleage this problem that affect a minority portion of linked google account players.

3 days with out playing feels really bad 

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    2021.07.18 19:28 (UTC+0)

    Hey yo, You still waiting for your account to be fixed because I am =w=

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    작성자 2021.07.18 21:06 (UTC+0)

    Year still .... 2 weeks now (so 1200 Gems from pvp challenger V lose) probably I get downgrade to lower rank, and 2 weeks with ouut farming gold to reset shop and get mystic bookmarks so I can get straze (I am at 12 away from pity) zzZZZzZZzZz

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    2021.07.19 05:49 (UTC+0)

    Heya, I got my account back, I hope they get back to you soon and everyone who has lost their accounts :P

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