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Tips and compo for abyss 99 (no ml 5* allowed) [10]

I need those 500 mystics to get straze 

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    2021.07.11 00:59 (UTC+0)

    Angelic Montmorancy with Rod of Amaryllis (main frontline healer, immunity buff for dps)

    Tamarrine on Potion Vial (secondary heal, amazing cr push and buff strip)

    A tanker with damage sharing (in their kit or with Aurius) Provoke and silence are ok.

    - If you use Falconer Kluri and had to use S3 on Judge Kise in a pinch, I'd recommend having your dps be single-target, on Unity set gear

    -Crimson Armin mitigates all damage and has invincibility and immunity for insurance against Judge Kise's S3

    -Eaton wants Adamant Shield esp. if your dps is a Dark unit. Ruele and Judge Kise will more likely crit against them, and it's absolutely necessary.

    For your 4th slot, you can optimize to go for another turn-cycling Knight and have a Souls race where you use Arky until Ruele dies OR

    A dps with no debuffs in their kit

    -  Commander Lorina: (Draco Plate if not using Adamant Shield and your tank is on Aurius, Sepulcrum for when Ruele dual attacks into Judge Kise and they attempt to cleave you)

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    2021.07.11 01:11 (UTC+0)

    And I know you don't want anyone bringing up ML5* units, but I want to make an exception for people who chose Arbiter Vildred as the free Conmections unit. I only had his S1 at +3 btw, and with Dust Devil he did a pretty good job at disrupting the flow of Judge Kise and Ruele's moves while also damaging both at the same time.

    Judge Kise being dead only lasts for a second, but it gives your whole party a breather by not having to top off so often in case Tamarrine's Idol form and Momo's S3 are on cooldown.

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    2021.07.11 02:39 (UTC+0)

    I needed those mystics to reach pity for Straze so desperation finally made me do it. 😂

    My team:

    Landy lv 60, bloodstone, spd 210, atk 3.6k -- She's clutch here, procs so many s3, self cr push on s1 lets her attack constantly. Bloodstone gives nice heals too.

    Angelica lv 60, idol cheer, EE increase cr of highest attack, spd 180, hp 23k -- Front line tank, she pushes Landy's cr when hitting or getting hit.

    Elena lv 60, touch of rekos, spd 240, hp 14k -- mostly extra heals from jkise aoe, fast to cleanse debuffs, bonus invincibility before jkise s3.

    Tamarine lv 50, potion artifact, spd 180, hp 11k -- I just threw her in, gear wasn't great (super low hp), but with speed she procs s3 and then s2 for the attack up for Landy. Dual attack is also a bonus. 

    Arky when you can, when the barrier is down. I waited the barrier out, got Landy's s3 up in the meantime.

    GOOD LUCK! Now I'm off to play with my new Straze 

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    2021.07.11 09:08 (UTC+0)

    I used

    Tamm on Rod of Amarylis <200 speed ~14,000 health

    Angelic Momo on Wonderous Potion ~160 speed ~18,000 health

    A. Ras on Aurius ~200 speed ~22,000 health

    Next is an ML 5 BUT I have alternates

    Spec Tenny on Kaladra ~140 speed ~4300 attack ~300 crit damage

    Instead: Charles, Kise, Cidd, Commander Lorina, Alexa, Mirsa, or any other DPS. Try to find hard hitters and use an artifact that scales off of enemy max health.

    I basically just relied on heals and dual attacks since A Ras and Tamm will spit out Spector tenny duals like nobody's business

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    2021.07.11 19:38 (UTC+0)

    I used Tamarine (potion), Momo(magahara tome), A.Ras(Aurius) and Landy(Bloodstone)

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