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Guild Recruitment

(Full)[GLOBAL] Nipz looking to fill recently open spots

Guild Name: Nipz

Members: 30 (currently full, will update as spots become available.)

Guild Rank: Rank 20, Currently at 4x rewards, but were at 5x rewards last season.

Goal: Get back to 5x rewards and keep it. Become independent in guild wars with more active, and consistent players.


- Be at Master rank or above in arena (preferably Challenger rank.)

- Stay active and use all attack tokens during guild wars

- Discord optional, but we do have one


- 24/7 guild buffs

- Casual, semi-competitive

Can DM me on Discord if interested or if you have any questions. Minigul DeCicco#9489

Or join Discord link: https://discord.gg/ZGRQKd8A45


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