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When are they Going to FIX RESET ACCOUNTS! [3]

My sister's account was reset. When she logged in with her google account it made her start as if she had never logged in before. Her normal account still exists in my guild and on my friend's list but she has no way to access it? Why aren't they addressing this at all? She submitted a ticket but no response...

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    작성자 2021.07.10 10:33 (UTC+0)

    Update, idk if this was what happened to anyone else but it turns out she was using the wrong log in. We feel really stupid but if this is happening to anyone else, just double check you didn't accidentally log in with fb or a dif gmail just in case. 

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    2021.07.11 00:18 (UTC+0)

    same thing happened to me even with google linked account 

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    2021.07.11 15:24 (UTC+0)

    I think Guest accounts are the ones that got reset b/c they aren't bound to anything. So if the game bugs out like it did recently, those accounts are gone and theres really nothing Smilegate can do about it.

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