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Hmm... What should I do from here?~ 🐗 [4]

So.. I completely unlocked vildred, but who should I build next? I have A.mont, and angelica should I build them?~ I hear people says beginners should build wyvern units first so maybe they first?~ i have krau is he great for wyvern?~ I can still finish cidonia should I finish the continent first?~ please help me decide my next move thanks~ 🐗 

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    2021.07.10 09:03 (UTC+0)

    Ok considering your questions I have a rough estimate where you are at. 

    You mentioned Cidonia, which means the first big "uff" will be the Straze boss fight and the Faustus boss fight. Chances are you will struggle with those considering your Arby gear is made off the free sets (no shaming here, lot of us still use them on some heroes).

    I`d say push as far as you can in the Cidonia story to get those freebie rewards. Make sure to 3* clear each map for that.

    Then look at what you struggle with the most: Tank/DPS/Support.

    Look at the heroes in your inventory and figure out whom do you like to use. Consult the guides to avoid wasting molagoras by building someone you will stop using after a while.

    Build a solid Wyvern team and start the endless grind, since most heroes in this game can be made to work with Wyvern gear, until you decide to specialise with other sets.

    Stable auto W11 should be your first milestone. Then try to push up to 13. This is a long process so no stress.

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    2021.07.10 12:02 (UTC+0)


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    2021.07.10 15:20 (UTC+0)

    Typically what I suggest starting with story. As you work through the story, you'll find out what your playstyle is, what your strength or weaknesses are, all while accumulating resources. Once you hit a road block in the story, you can then figure out what you need to get over that road block (is it a problem w/ available heroes, gear, just leveling/upgrading). 

    Either way, you'll eventually want to build capable teams for each of the hunts, starting w/ wyvern. Typically for Wyvern you want to build either Krau, AMomo, or Angelica, not all 3, as they will be the tank in the team. If you're planning to go to PvP at some point, Krau would be better, but you'll need very good gear either on him or the rest of the team to make it work. AMomo and Ange give a little more wiggle room on gear. Ange is better for Wyvern but AMomo will have at least a little more utility in PvP. 

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    2021.07.10 18:47 (UTC+0)

    Congrats on your Arby, for an early game player, he’s not bad. Maybe start farming wyvern for better speed gear. I can see you have a Sigret. Build her for your wyvern hunts. She and SSB are going to be on your wyvern team even when you get to late game.

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