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[Global] Brand New Guild SimpHaven Recruiting Waifu Simps [1]

Name: SimpHaven

Level: 2

# of Members: 8

Region/Server: Global


-Lead by Challenger Guild Master

-Guild Buffs everyday

-Active Discord 24/7 

-Can request catalysts 24/7

-Every member simps for their favorite waifus

We are a brand new guild that's looking to expand and grow together as a family so we can destroy everything like in Fast and Furious. Led by Challenger GM (me) that's willing to help everyone with progression and get better together. As of now we have 8 super active members, so we are looking for about 10 more waifu simps to join us so we can finally start doing gw content and start working towards 5x guild rewards. Come simp to your favorite waifus with us!


-Be active

-Must donate gold/courage everyday to maintain buffs 24/7

-Don't be selfish with donations if you are going to be requesting catalysts

-Once we can do guild wars, MUST use attacks

-Rank 60+

-Gold+ in Arena

To join: Search up SimpHaven or contact me through discord @jaymodovar#2117 

-Once you join, I'll add you to our discord server!

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    2021.07.22 20:19 (UTC+0)

    Hi I’d like to join, tried to hit you up on discord but it was no luck so leaving this here 

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