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this game gets worse and worse with balancing... [8]

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  • 2021.07.08 20:03 (UTC+0)
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the only thing about this game is who oneshoots the other first... bosses have over 90000000 HP so u need to do dmg but in pvp its often only a oneshootparty.

have anybody another good gacha mobile game with more strategic fun in pvp? i played summoners war for years too and with time there is so much content to farm that let me quit, but the GW fights or arena was ok, more strategic - i know after years its also a oneshoot trash game so let me know what else u play on mobile?


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    2021.07.08 20:10 (UTC+0)

    I can’t remember the last time I oneshot or one of my units got one shot in PvP, maybe Straze will change that since you know, normal PvP is brusier and tank for 10 minutes straight...

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    2021.07.08 20:31 (UTC+0)

    Legend of Runeterra

     is technically a gacha.

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    2021.07.08 20:43 (UTC+0)

    I like afk arena
    ...and romancing saga

    I used to play Dolmenia aswell
    But the game is all about waifus so I quit

    and...that's it

    I don't know all the gacha of the world though

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    2021.07.09 00:25 (UTC+0)

    That's because there are no nerfs so devs introduce wacky mechanics that spit on the other ones.

    -Uncounterable, ignore dmg transfer, Injury(up to 50% HP reduction that can't be removed even gradually),tons of extra attack abilites that make half the gameplay autoplay.

    That's why I've been trying to push for recall ticket every half year or so so we can reclaim resources we spent on these units. But on discord people keep downvoting idea. How many months, years will pass before heroes like MA Ken, Violet, Destina, Ludwig or Haste get buffs that make them worthy investments? If that ever happens that is.

    Buy hey, let's keep talking about the 'important' stuff instead like letting us use different expressions in pfp. That'll keep the game alive!

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    2021.07.09 07:41 (UTC+0)

    My tip, what I use to keep up my interest in the game, that I do not do Arena so often. I really get mad sometimes because of the Absolute Resistance and speed tuned enemy heroes. I just do some farming, watching my husbandos/waifus xD and thinking of the way how I could gear them. But you also need to stop playing and put the game aside.

    What I play is a farm game, where you have a really cute farm :DD (I hope mentioning other games does not ban you or something that is why I do not use the actual name of it xD). Always take a lil break in a day and focus on something else. Everyone is struggling at some point of the game, whether at gearing, farming or arena, rta. :) I hope I could help you a little bit :))

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    2021.07.10 03:18 (UTC+0)

    im playing now alchemy stars and counter side but pvp in counter is just p2w, exos heroes is a ok game

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