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[GM] [Epic Seven: Arise] Board Game Funding Information (Edited)

  • OFFICIAL Dominiel
  • 2021.07.08 05:03 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 3267

Hello Heirs,

This is GM Dominiel.



Please check below on how to complete the pledge.


1. Please check the following email that you have received for backing the project on Kickstarter.

    - Mail title: Complete your Epic Seven Arise: The Board Game order!

2. Click the button on the bottom: [GO TO PLEDGE MANAGER]

3. Create a new account on 'Gamefound.com' and log-in.

4. Check your funding information by going to the top right Settings Icon > My Account > Backed Project.

View the funding sponsorship information for Kickstarter linked to your account

5. If you see the [view orders] and [go to project] buttons of the funding participation product page, your pledge is completed.

6. Click [view orders] and view the details of your payment. 


 If there is no [view orders] and [go to project] button and instead you see a [spend credits] button, this is an indicator that the pledge has not been completed. In this case, you will need to complete your pledge and pay a delivery fee.

 Click on the [spend credits] button and input your address details. 

 Please choose the funding product:

    In case you choose different product, the price must be of the same value.

    New purchase is also available.

 Please pay the difference between the purchase product and shipping fee.

 Your pledge will be completed.

Funding for the Epic Seven Board Game [Epic Seven: Arise] was closed on 6/30 (Wed).


The items are currently preparing to be delivered to Heirs who backed this project.

However, there are still some backers who have not yet completed their pledge in the Pledge Manager. Please see below for more information regarding how to complete your pledge.

Backers who haven’t completed their pledge, please log in to Kickstarter’s funding page and complete your pledge. 


[How to Confirm [Epic Seven: Arise] Pledge ]

 Log-in to Kickstarter [Epic Seven: Arise] Board Game Page

 Click [View pledge] located in the upper left corner.

 Click [Message] and send a message to Farside Games by 7/31.

It is very important that you confirm your pledge, otherwise you may not receive your rewards or additional shipping charges may be applied.



 Update on Board Game [Epic Seven: Arise] Pledge Manager


- Inquire about the Board Game: https://www.epic7arise.com/contact 

- Farside Games Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/farsidegames 

- Farside Games Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/farsidegames 



Thank you.

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