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[GLOBAL] WatashiGAB Recruiting Members!!!

We are a bunch of experienced friends who decided to make a guild together since we've been playing in separate guilds for a while now. Our goal is to aim to be a semi-casual guild with experienced players that can provide insight on the game to help new players while still being able to reach 5x mystics.


 -Active Discord

 -24/7 buffs

 -Knowledgeable players with some that have reached Legend in arena and Champion in RTA

 -3x mystic rewards and will be able to reach higher when we get more members who can attack forts
 -Reasonable active community with some members from other guilds as well


  -For now we'd like to fill out the rest of the spots but the higher the arena rank the better

  -Rank 65+ 

  -Must join Discord and preferably be active 

Please join our discord link if you're interested or DM me on discord, Keroppi #7297 or Bulbasir#4135.

Discord link: https://discord.gg/Dxk46dScAX

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