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Pretty frustrated with PvP balance [18]

I have a huge roster, but it feels like I can only play a fraction of the roster in pvp because of the massive differences between kit strengths. Generally speaking, resurrection is the hardest thing to counter because extinction is pretty rare and many of the characters with extinction don’t have great kits while characters with some form of res have powerful kits beyond that. Also speed is king in a way that needs balance. Armor probably needs another balance pass to make them even close to respectable (im still struggling to figure out what valuable revenge sets have outside the most niche of circumstances.

I like the bones of the game. The pve is pretty good. But top tier heroes aren’t a lil but better, they are miles stronger than even heroes that are just as rare and should be on par.their kits often do so many things with the push of one button that it’s absurd. Like why can a character heal, cleanse all debuffs, res all dead characters, and put a res buff on living characters all in one ability? Where is the counter play? Abilities should be part of a decision tree where you are making choices based on need. When the answer is push the “I win button” players are going to bring that hero to every match (hence the lack of diversity).

For me the most interesting thing would be to be to see a totally new comp drafted and having to figure out how to counter it. That just doesn’t happen. Right now bans rotate between f. Ceci, A. Vil, Last Rider Krau and then I see the same heroes drafted every game. Defences in arena and guild wars are also strikingly similar. And you see the same comps no matter where on the ladder you are underscoring how awful the current balance is.

My last question from a pve and pvp perspective is this. What is the point of 3 star heroes? Most (there are a few exceptions) are a total waste of any investment. Many actually would be interesting if just a bit stronger. As is though, they are a newbie trap. I want new players who invest in a toon to not feel like they wasted a ton of time and get discouraged and quit.

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    2021.07.06 21:09 (UTC+0)

    I have problems with arena and pvp but not the same problem as yours. But I am not gonna elaborate them here, but i do have a few answers to your problems.

    Maid Chloe counters:

    1. Politis: she is a good counter mainly  because of the potential immediate kill when maid decide to revive. Also she has miss debuff and unbuffable when she successfully cut. If you put abyssal crown on her, she has that potential stun. If you put violin on her, she can remove some buffs.

    2. Celine: she can immediately kill a unit when maid resurrect.

    3. Singelica: Yep.

    4. Slow strippers: 220 speed Basar, 220 Alencia (Need to speed tune based on your comp)

    5. Cheap extinction unit: Glenn

    Of course there are more ways to deal with her. I only list down the one i can think of and not too expensive like ML5 solutions. But maid is ML5 though, so i think it’s only right if her solution requires another ML5.

    And NO! 3 star unit aren’t a waste, they are cheap to build and require no molas. And look at the ML6 RCarrot

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    2021.07.06 23:16 (UTC+0)

    Not every player in the NHL/NBA/MLB etc are on par with one another despite being at a skill level worthy of playing at the pinnacle of their respective sports.

    Life doesn't work the way you think this game should so why do you accept one and not the other.

    How do you even define "on par"? How do you make over 100 heroes "equal". What is "equal"? Even if 20 skills existed, how do you make each hero "feel" just as powerful as another? Isn't "feeling" in itself completely subjective?

    Pretty sure no game in existence has ever had a roster of anything where players didn't gravitate towards particular classes/specs etc. Know why? Even a marginal advantage is enough to be the difference between victory and defeat. People want to win. That's why you're here complaining you lose. People will always try to find a competitive edge. Otherwise they are literally being casual and have no right to complain in the first place.

    What you want is absolutely impossible and always will be. Move on.

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    2021.07.06 23:49 (UTC+0)

    "why can a character heal, cleanse all debuffs, res all dead characters, and put a res buff on living characters all in one ability? Where is the counter play?" Extinction, unbuffable, strip.... you can literally counter her both before and after her S3 so where ISN'T the counterplay?

    "Abilities should be part of a decision tree where you are making choices based on need." So are you implying we should all just turn on auto because S3->S2->S1 is what any player should be doing 100% of the time? Because I'm pretty sure there are times where you're either forced or better off holding onto a skill than using it. That's a choice, right?

    "you see the same comps no matter where on the ladder" Pretty sure not a single comp in top10 legend is identical to another.

    "When the answer is push the “I win button” players are going to bring that hero to every match"...and you expect them to not?

    "What is the point of 3 star heroes?" Oh boy it's no wonder you posted this from an alt account.

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    2021.07.07 00:15 (UTC+0)

    I'm reading this and just thinking how hypocrite  people can be lol

    Extinction ? good luck you won't kill M.and team with Extinction alone

    Glenn ? good job you waste 1 pick because he won't kill Carrot

    Singelica ? dead pick because I can pick Politis or Celine too

    Basar ? hahaha you're basar will be die before next turn rotation.

    Some time theory is cool but it's not work then it's not

    It's same reason why Luna is garbage even She look great on paper .

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    2021.07.07 04:25 (UTC+0)

    Every one of u trying to look better by insulting the poster are the reason balance team is chill.. Shame on all of u for not trying to understand what OP meant..

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    작성자 2021.07.07 04:29 (UTC+0)

    I was light on examples because I don’t really want ppl to nitpic. I’m not asking for perfect balance. But many characters are wildly overpowered. There’s a reason why you’ll see A. Vildred on 75%+ of defense teams and has been top 5 ban for ages. My true problem with balance is that despite there being so many characters in this game, an astonishingly small share are viable. It’s hella boring. When I queue for RTA, I see F. Cecilia and/ or last rider krau pick nearly every single draft. Depending on bans I’ll see carrot/a. Vildred and then there are about 6 other characters that might fill in the holes. It’s entire predictable and it’s mostly just a power thing. I mean why try to create niche powerful comps when you can just cleave your way to victory most drafts? 

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    2021.07.07 05:52 (UTC+0)

    It's honestly VERY difficult to find balance on gacha game, you pretty much shouldn't expect it to happen AT ALL(not saying it's not possible, just don't expect it). Good(or bad to some people) thing about this is because there aren't many powercreep, if you got said top tier heroes you most likely no need to pull anything else for a long time unless you want it. It's boring sure

    Well probably have to define "newbie" because since they're the lowest rarity of gacha-able hero so you pretty much knew they're mostly going to be not much of a use. It's even a surprise that some of them are/were top tier.

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    2021.07.07 21:21 (UTC+0)

    Well, I've been saying since 2019 that counters aren't nerfs. Let's just sit back and laugh at the morons who said "Arby is dead so many counters not so good now!".

    It's not just Arby. SSB, Dizzy, Landy, Maid. These will always be broken heroes. But as I said in my other post. If they give 3*s proper treatment then I'm all for it because most units I like are 3*s. 

    So, I'll just hope some of them get buffs so there are more strong, fun options.

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