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[Global] Loops recruiting!

Guild Recruitment

Guild Name: Lööps (search for Loops)

Level: 20

Region/Server: Global

* 24/7 guild buffs

* 5x mystic medals reward in GW

* Non-compulsory discord (highly recommended to join)

A friendly and relaxed guild looking for members who are motivated to work on improving their units and to participate in guild wars. We let our members take things at their own pace and are always willing to help out. At the moment, the guild is in the process of removing inactive players and recruiting. There is still a core group of active and skilled players as evidenced by the 5x mystic medal reward in GW. So come join us and start having some fun in Epic Seven!

* Guild contribution points 500+ per week (very easy to achieve by just donating gold, proofs of courage from world bosses and handing dragon claws back and forth)

* Not signing in for 5 days+ without advance notice will result in removal from the guild 

* Request Drake Claws during weekdays and anything on weekends

* Participate in GW - not attacking after opting in twice in a row will result in removal from the guild

* Rank 65-70

To join, simply apply to the guild in-game OR contact me on discord

Contact: Thorstolemyhammer#0643

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