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Please get rid of 15% ER from wyvern [9]

(last image is 12/20 run - my Furious used s2 but got fully resisted even with SoS proc)

My Furious stats: 

He should have full capability to land decrease defense 100% of the time. But thanks to 15%, I have been failing my wyvern runs. 

SG please at the very least remove 15% from wyvern and all hunts for good. This will make the game a much more pleasurable experience. It also makes the runs consistent with gear level. E.g. a rank 70, since release player has the same chance as a rank 60 newcomer to fail a run, which isn't fair. And if 15% were removed, E7 would truly be open to both casual and hardcore players. Just removing the time wasted due to a stupid 15% resist would put a smile on my face and many others, too. 

Also (although I don't have proof) on my 9th run, my Furious got resisted twice in a row. This 15% innate er has to be 50% er because the odds have been too in favor with the 15%. 

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    작성자 2021.06.29 20:45 (UTC+0)

    This can't be the first post. 

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    2021.06.29 21:24 (UTC+0)

    Rng has always been biased towards the game's AI system.

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    2021.06.29 21:56 (UTC+0)

    SmileGate answered and explained on why they would not get rid of Absolute Resistance, a.k.a. 15% during their Epic Festival 2021 Q&A ( https://page.onstove.com/epicseven/global/view/7120355 ), which occurred last month. Long story short, they are not going to remove it.

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    2021.06.30 01:53 (UTC+0)

    oh no you failed and lost nothing but 2mins of your time or less

    also i like how your pic about resistance has 6 debuffs on the boss yet you complain resistance made you fail. doesn't quite add up buddy.

    stop crying, fix your damage, and run it again.

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    작성자 2021.06.30 15:10 (UTC+0)

    Since there's no reply feature in suggestions, I'll just reply using a comment.

    @Ikukotsu - That's rather unfortunate. This may be a useless suggestion, but I really wish that they'd remove 15%. 

    @epic7#i9s69k - So rude. I made this because I've been failing all my runs due to being 15%-ed with def break. This annoying since 2 mins is still a lot of time, especially since I'm nowhere close to getting 1 min runs down. In the 2 min, I could be using the time to farm catalysts, exp, or runes. But I waste a lot of time trying to get mats and gear.

    Yes, landing the 6 debuffs is discrediting my post. However, the 6 other debuffs aren't as helpful as landing a single def break. My Sigret does more damage with def break, not more debuffs. To reach the damage I get from a single def break, I need a lot more than just the max amount of debuffs the wyvern can have at one time. 

    Both my Chloe and Sigret are also individually capable of killing the wyvern in a perfect scenario. 

    Also, nice username

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    2021.06.30 22:16 (UTC+0)

    "My Sigret does more damage with def break, not more debuffs. To reach the damage I get from a single def break, I need a lot more than just the max amount of debuffs the wyvern can have at one time."

    Maybe you should bring more than one chance at defbreaking?

    If you bring one chance, your chance of getting the defbreak resisted is always 15%. You will be doomed to forever having an 85% success rate.

    If you bring two or more, your chances of getting resisted 2+ times in a row are much lower. That's how odds work, and that's how you deal with innate resistance. That's why your odds are better at winning a scratch ticket if you buy more. Or winning a raffle if you have more entires.

    That's how people have wyvern teams with 98%+ success rate. You're just playing/thinking about the game wrong and then blaming the game.

    You shouldn't need a "perfect scenario" for anything. If you do, you're doing it wrong. Always build a team with insurance.

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    2021.07.06 04:56 (UTC+0)

    just like @Ikukotsu said, unfortunately dev wont make change to the absolute resistance...

    lets hope for SC in the far future...maybe Karin or Furious, thatll enhance their skill for defbreak like example: every critical damage will also ignoring eff resist,-only works for pve content-

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    2021.07.06 12:36 (UTC+0)

    People always on to inut their say on others as if they work or know what smile gate is doing,I really wonder how this game keep making 3 million usd a month with the ai having hidden stat and the player dont,it's called cheating by the ai able to have absolute resistance and no player can obtain it or no players gets any hidden resistance or buff of any kind.the

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    2021.07.07 14:01 (UTC+0)

    my friend, the system is rigged to be biased against us.

    welcome to society.

    now raise some pitchfork and torches, it is time to get this **** fixed for PVE

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