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Hello! My tip will be about the +10% Battle Gold Earned for 1 Hour buff from your daily reputation quest reward at 20 points. Gold is always nice, let's gain more!

When collecting your reward, this buff is immediately activated. I think many people consider this their window of opportunity to complete Hunt dungeons for gold, but this can apply to other stages that reward gold:

- Automaton Tower: Floor 6 and 21
- Event Side Story Stage: S. Goblin's Den
- Abyss Floors (Conquer Rewards)
- Expedition Posters (Participation)

For Expedition, using an entry will give you a gold reward, so make sure to use your free entry when you're the host.
- Note that your damage dealt can be 0 while still receiving rewards. This clearly saves time but it becomes a matter of etiquette.
- There's a completion reward upon success, so please be considerate of others!

If you have other gold buffs active (ex: from Guild Captain Shop and Event days) then all of them will work together for even more gold.

Hope this helps!

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