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Game Tips


Game Tips

Kolio / Global / Tips for New and Returning Heirs

First check out GMCartuja's beginner tips as the tips here will be more of a continuation from the information there.

Additional Tips about Dailies:

You can also get even more energy per day if you watch ads in-game. 20 energy each for a total of 100 per day. You can find the tab by pressing the event banners.

Every hour you can also check the secretshop (the red demon man in the center of your lobby). It is a important source of bookmarks and mystics and paying the gold for them is definitely worth it. The level of your shop only effects the gear quality. While you should still level your shop, it doesn't effect how often you get mystics and bookmarks from it. As for gear, only buy good level 85 epic from him.

Daily Reset times:
Global Server:10:00 UTC

Korea Server: 03:00 KST
Europe Server: 05:00 CEST

Other Shops to check out:
Transmit Stone shop: Prioritize buying all the molagora and equipment conversion chest. Ego Fragments you may buy as you need them and artifacts charms are only when you have the extra transmit stones to spend. All gold transmit stones should be spent on galaxy book marks always.
Resets weekly

Ancient coins: The vast majority of where you get your accessory charms. You can only get coins from labyrinth maps.

Guild Memeber shop (Join a guild ASAP): For Brave Crests prioritize buying the molagora seed, equipment conversion chest, and labyrinth compass. extra should be spent on artifact charms, they are very rare.
For Commander's Armbands, prioritize equipment conversion chest and guild artifacts starting with 3-6 copies Proof of valor then symbol of unity or Warhorn.
besides the guild artifacts, Resets weekly.

Powder of knowledge, galaxy coin, and covenant coin shops resets every 6 weeks. (you can only see galaxy coin and covenant coin shops if you summoned 2 of the same moonlight 5star unit for galaxy and 7 of the same for 5 star non moonlight units.)

What to do with Skystones?:

Skystones usage priority:

1. Hero/equipment inventory space (don't max it all at once, do it as you need it)

2. Team slots (if you need it)

3. Epic pass premium if it's up (skin is obviously optional and if you want it)

4. Stamina refresh (this is where the majority of my skystones go towards)

5. Secretshop refresh (this is effectively a replacement for getting book marks and mystic medals, always buy them for gold when you see it, don't do this if you're low on gold)

6. Buying bookmarks directly (I personally haven't done this in a long time.)

Note: How much skystones you spend on stamina and secretshop and summon depends on you and whats more important to you, grinding for gear and progression or collecting heroes. Don't buy inventory space for pets its completely unnecessary.

Always save some skystones on hand to use when you need them for a limited summon/ unit banner you really want or event buffs like hunt/gold buffs.

What do I do with extra 2 star and 3 star characters?:

For 2 star monsters, you can only do 2 things with them; Using them as promotion material or selling them through transmission.

Promotion is the best way to use them since you will be constantly needing them when you want to promote your units to high star ranks. You Transmit/sell them if you just don't have enough space to handle them. for returning players, you cannot use units as enhance material anymore. You can only do so under the circumstance for imprinting.

As for 3 star characters, you want to keep at least one copy of any you don't have and just imprint them to SSS for achievement purposes. The same character can be SSS multiple times and it counts for the achievement. Any extra beyond that they can be either used as promotion material or again transmitted for gold and a silver transmit stone. Optional as how to want to use them.

How Should I farm exp/gold?:
Exp from maps scales with the level of the map and the stamina the map takes. Generally best to focus on using your main team for pve story missions until they're max level then you will start getting Penguin Mileage. Penguins should be the main source of your exp or it can be converted to gold.

Tap the exp button in hero details to enhance hero levels with penguins.

To sell penguins for gold go to your inventory then open your enhancement ingredients tab. Tap the Arrange button at the top right corner and you can sell your penguins.

3 Star penguins also give you silver transmit stones so it is recommended to sell them over using them as exp.

Penguin mileage is the new system that converts exp from your max level heroes at about 75% efficiency but it only applies in side stories and adventure maps. If you need more than 1 max level hero to clear a map, it is recommended to just use a full team of max level heroes.

Once you have Episode 1 10-10 finished, farming the event side story is what you should work on immediately as it is time sensitive and usually rotates every 2 weeks. Side story is effectively the best place to farm until you got what you want from the side shop and then you can move onto Episode 2 or Unrecorded History from there. The Cracks in the world maps is the fastest way to get penguin mileage but it isn't very efficient per stamina for resources. Only do it if you're in a hurry to use stamina, Unrecorded history is generally the best place to farm for exp and 2 star units as promotion material.

I'm stuck, I don't know what to do:
The Adventure Path details a general order of progression you should work towards but sometimes you can end up getting stuck at certain missions due to daily constraints such as "get to abyss 30" and such. In those cases skip that specific mission and just work on the other missions in the path as they will still count for the achievement, you just won't get the reward until you reach it.

The main order of progression most should follow through:
Episode 1 10-10 -> Event Side Story -> Episode 2 4-10 -> Wyvern 11 -> Unrecorded History 10-10 -> Wyvern 13 -> Episode 2 10-10 -> Episode 3

This isn't a hard set path, The main objective is to beat Wyvern 13 consistently so you can start farming for gear for your characters. if you get stuck at any point go back and try to clear content such as automation tower, lower level wyvern, episode 2, or labyrinth and get some gear from those areas.

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