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[New/Returning Heir Tip] MGReaper / Global / General New Tips

Welcome to Epic Seven! There are two major faces to Epic Seven gameplay: PvE and PvP.

PvE: There are many guides, especially in the Epic Seven Official Discord, which explain in detail the heroes, artifacts, mechanics, and strategies behind each PvE element. After progressing through adventure, the most popular and important locations in PvE will be Abyss, Hunt (specifically Wyvern and later, Banshee and Azimanak), Automaton Tower (2 week cycles) and Labyrinth. Spirit Altar is important for obtaining runes, while Hall of Trials is important for obtaining certain artifacts and Exclusive Equipment.

My suggestion is that you work toward building a Wyvern 13 team. Via selective summons, you should be able to obtain Sigret, and through Moonlight Connections, you should be able to obtain Arbiter Vildred. Arbiter Vildred will set you up to obtain and build the other necessary Wyvern team heroes, including a tank, such as Crozet or Angelica, a defense breaker such as Furious, and an extra damage dealer, such as Alexa. All of these heroes are obtainable via connections, outside of summons.

In the future, when building heroes for PvE and also PvP, number crunching is vital. Through it, you can save millions of gold by determining which gears work on a hero, and which gears are even worth enhancing at all. As for heroes to use in PvP, they change constantly due to new heroes and shifting metas. However, I will say, Arbiter Vildred will always work.

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