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Top tier improvements for the game

  • Hansuu
  • 2021.06.10 15:27 (UTC+0)
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Hi mister/miss devs of the game,

I would like to suggest 4 improvements that I think would make the game better.

1. In RTA, the classic match by your ranking is to quite un generic for this game. I’m fine with rankings but can you divide the player who has passed 100 heroes from the players who has below 100. Because we f2p are weak to bans, I’m fine with pre-bans but We are all not that lucky or have all the time in the world to get 120 summs on every banner. Just allow only 2 phase bans for players that has 100+ heroes already. Or add a protect system, like before the 2nd phase ban, we can protect one unit that we don't wanna get banned. Or idk, this is actually my weakesr suggestion out of 4.

2nd. In RTA AGAIN. Can we have a time to setup or change.our artifacts of units before the star of the battle, like after all the pickings and bans, we can quick change our artifactsto be versatile, CAUSE WE DESERVE IT WE WORKED HARD TO GET THOSE ARTIFACTS. Atleast let us use it to good use.

3. In arenas and guildwars, for our defense team , please allow us to setup what skills would our units use  fir at in battle. Cause for example, i want my kawerik to use s3 first before s2. Yeah. Thank you

4. Please make the heroes base stats be as balance as the others, like kawe should be same spd as kayron as they are like similar with the story. Because i want to make the meta gone and e be ry units should have a good chance. Im a player from seven knights and trust me metas have killed the game, all the players left because there were only 4 units that is meta and no matter what you do if you dont have the units, your nothing to the pvp. Pls make everyone strong in their own capabilities.

thank you smilegate for your consideration and time.

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