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[New/Returning Heir Tip] GoBD/Europe/Time-Intensive 1-Man B13 Farm

This is a tip for two groups of Heirs, as follows:

  1. New players struggling to break into Hunts 13, still doing Wyvern 11 with free gear/units
  2. Old players with excess energy (and mainly time, cause this is time-intensive) and care about optimisation

Let me introduce to you the concept of Fluri 1-Man B13, first a little background:

  • As per the latest Reputation quest patch, there was introduction of a Dagger Sicar mission requiring specific 3* unit to clear the Banshee 13 Hunt
  • Through extensive community testing, it was found that Falconer Kluri (or Fluri) was able to solo the Hunt 13 quest, albeit taking very long and a little RNG dependent (sometimes Banshee's crit on Ultimate skill kills you)

The minimum requirements for this (more for new players) are:

  • Falconer Kluri - Specialty Changed, preferably with all stat gain Runes max'd
  • Some amount of gear to reach minimum stats needed (see below):
  • Noble Oath (definitely required, to meet the % ER requirement)
  • A lot of patience

In actuality, you will need a Falconer Kluri with the following stats, in descending order of priority:

  • Effect Resistance: 140% is risky, 150% or higher is better. It stacks with Noble Oath, preventing the Banshee from poisoning you
  • Defense: 1.5k, more is better
  • Health 14k, less works, as long as you don't die too often
  • Speed: I have 192, but I think you can go slightly slower. Test to see how many times banshee chops you
  • Crit/Cdmg/Atk

Lastly, for older players who just want to run 1-man Hunts with excess time (takes about 8-10 minutes per run), bring along three other units (fodders, friendship-farming units) carrying the following artifacts:

  • Double Friendship Bonus gained
  • 10% or 15% more exp gained (if you have a fodder in party, of course)

Good luck!

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