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When Injury Gets Adjusted [1]

Please consider adding an alternate effect for Injury in PvE so that characters with that kind of ability can be used in more content.

For example, HP%-based damage could replace a character's injury ability in PvE. Or CR-pushback. Or something else that parallels the feel of "injury" but works in PvE.

The best characters can be used in a lot of content. Adding an alternate ability for Injury allows players to get more use out of their Injury-centric heroes.

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    2021.06.09 01:29 (UTC+0)

    Yeah, Injury is too niche and it isn't over power in PVE.  They can make specific limit in PVE :

    - Reduce max HP limit at 35% instead of 50%

    - The reduce HP calculate not effect with target %HP (Joker, Bellona S1, Sol)

    - Abyss bosses has immune to Injury

    It's still not that good in PVE but at least usable.  And add new content/boss with skill that focus on it's max HP.

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