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102Waifus (Global) Needs 1 attacker tryna break top 100

Looking to add 1strong attacker to our ranks.

Server:  Global

Lvl:  20

Members: 29

Rewards: x5

Ranking: consistent top 300

Member requirement: rank 65 Challenger-Champion

Hello fellow heirs.  With the new season underway, we are hoping to bolster our ranks with some active players.  We are a pretty casual guild, tho we do our best to win and improve our rankings.  We have a very chill and laid back atmosphere.  We offer an active chat, discord, and lvl 3 expos.

We seek someone who is around Challenger rank at least and has a suitable knowledge of the pvp meta.  They must be active and donate daily and do their gw attacks.  We also seek someone who is able to contribute to lvl 3 expos.

If interested, simply send a request ingame and I will answer as soon as I can. Or send me a pm on discord KingPepega#3284

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