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Moonlight 3 star and 4 star coin shop [2]

The rarity of summoning moonlight hero’s is already hard enough with having to get 6 gold transmit stones or getting lucky to receive moonlight bookmarks from the labyrinth. I’m suggesting either a separate currency when transmitting 3 and 4 star moonlight heroes and having a shop where we can’t use that currency for more moonlight summons or other items player could use. An alternative is having 3 star and 4 star moonlight heroes give moonlight coin fragments which can be exchanged for your one moonlight coin. The ratio of exchange should be high since players will be able to purchase moonlight 5 star hero’s from transmitting their moonlight 3 and 4 stars. An example could be 3 star heroes could be worth 1 moonlight coin fragment while 4 star heroes could be worth 5 moonlight coin fragments. It could cost 100 moonlight coin fragments for 1 moonlight coin. I think fragments can be rewarded once a player has summoned enough of the hero to reach SSS similar to how the current coin shops work. It seems like a waste to just receive silver transmit from moonlight hero’s when they are more rare than regular RGB heroes.

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    2021.06.07 00:35 (UTC+0)

    Galaxy summons is f@cked up!!! Still no ml5 and the worst part is I got ml aither!!! @@#$-#(#=£°€=+=€=^√|°÷€=°#-^|÷°^€¥

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    2021.06.12 10:28 (UTC+0)

    you got that right

    I have not gotten ML 5 from galaxy summons in months, and that's not cool.

    Either buff the rate or let us get coins from 3 stars and 4 stars as well.

    Better yet, do both.

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