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Who do you think is the most dangerous hero on immortality buff [8]

When that hero is playing against a team that cannot strip,stun nor sleep him\her

ML Ken will counter every time you crit him but BBK is really deadly at 1hp and on counter set

There are heroes that can grant to themself counter buff so they will always counter

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    2021.06.06 20:15 (UTC+0)

    This might be controversial to say, but I thinks its actually.... Chaos Inquisitor.

    His modifiers directly scale from lost HP like BBK at very high values. Since you asked the question with 1 HP lets assume you have SSAchates making sure he gets there and still lives. 

    Now this is all just theory crafting from old Chaos Inq. videos I watch about him a year ago but If your SSA S3 on him so he stays at 1HP, and he is built with damage gear like you would build a BBK, he SHOULD be able to oneshot pretty much any hero in the game that isnt unkillable due to some buffs or mechanics.

    Same with Golem 13 as long as you have a Defense Break on him. But thats just a trivia since no one cares about Golem lol.

    I think the Ytuber DemoneKim did the calculation on this back in the day when he was still doing E7 content.

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    2021.06.06 23:21 (UTC+0)

    depends for how many turns the unit is immortal if its 3 then dark corvus can clap 3 people if its just 1 turn then my vote would go to ml ken or ml baal

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    2021.06.06 23:38 (UTC+0)

    I think the strongest options have already been considered. Then I will add a more non-standard one: counterset Spez. Of course, he is not that effective and he needs the RNG factor to impose stuns. However, on a stunned target, there is little that compares to his damage, and besides, he has Extinction.

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    2021.06.07 01:03 (UTC+0)

    Id say its counter Kayron

    Itd be nightmare if you face slow Kayron, with immortality and attack up and you dont have any unit as stripper

    You attack, got counter, then kayron proceed to S3, kill someone....


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    2021.06.07 03:06 (UTC+0)

    counter yufine with extend buff duration EE

    mercenary helga with prophetic candlestick 

    both can potentially make immortality permanent

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