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Did this happen to you when pulling in mystics [5]

You want the 4* ml and you are far away from pity,get the 5* but not the 4*

Since A.Lots just refuses to come(I got yet another Lots again with the "A" infront missing)so I was thinking I should wait for him to appear in mystics and try to get him there

Right now I have enough for 60 pulls and my pity is at 199

When I was pulling for F.Ceci,I did I think 40 pulls(or more,I don't remember)and got only one copy of Champ Z

Will you try pulling on a banner for a 4* ML that you really want but have the 5* ML and your counter is at 200

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    2021.06.06 13:10 (UTC+0)

    Yup, I did 20 pulls to try and get Ceci, got Mediorik instead .

    Hopefully next 5* is Ruele.

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    2021.06.06 15:00 (UTC+0)

    I try to only pull when there are at least 2 units I want from ml4, ml5 and rgb5. Otherwise just going for one is painful and unsatisfying. I'm at 190 myself right now, hoping ml Charles or straze are good! 

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    2021.06.06 15:48 (UTC+0)

    Meh, much worse feeling of pulling the RGB 5 star instead of the ML one. Why the heck are they the same rate?

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    2021.06.07 00:57 (UTC+0)

    Spent 2000 mystic, got 2 Kise and a Durandall

    Feels good

    Still,...111 sumons to pity

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