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Crashing after every update [3]


it's me again with a crash report. As said in the title, the app keeps crashing on me very soon into logging in. So far it has happened after every update. I'm playing on a Huawei phone, Android v. 10. I've tried cleaning the cache, deleting and re-installing the app and a bunch of web solutions (updating Google play and Browser, stopping some background apps, starting the game without wi-fi on and turning it back on after the countdown, locking the screen when I come into the Lobby, etc.). 

The last time this seemingly resolved itself after a week or so. Anyone have any insight into what the issue is? Can I even influence it in any way from my side (and keep playing on my phone) or do I just sit and wait?

All the best,


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    2021.06.06 22:46 (UTC+0)

    the only thing that isnt on your list of things you tried is to actually reset your phone and start fresh. if that doesn't work, use an emulator because it sounds like your phone is both borked and outdated if you're still on huawei's custom version of android 10. 12 is here.

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    작성자 2021.06.07 12:35 (UTC+0)

    Thank you for your thoughts epic7#i9s69k!

    Huawei runs on Android trough their EMUI software - I have that updated (EMUI 10.1), but it seems to still be based around android v. 10. Android 12 is not supported on Huawei phones as far as I'm aware (and likely will not be as they are developing a new software). I am waiting on the EMUI 11 update - it depends on the phone model and region on when it will be made available - so far it's only become available for a few phone models in my region.

    Honestly, I see no point to resetting as it would not change the IOS in any way, neither do I lack space. Other games (like Genshin impact) run okay, though there's some occasional workarounds, which is why I was wondering if there's an unofficial solution for Epic seven updates as well. 

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    2021.06.11 05:49 (UTC+0)

    "Honestly, I see no point to resetting as it would not change the IOS in any way"

    Unless there is a conflict or corruption of some kind that's causing your game to crash. It doesn't matter how anything else is performing.

    Sometimes the only answer to fix certain things with a PC is to format and start fresh. Even if most things are working ok. This is also why Windows has restore points. Because there are times where a simple installation or change within the system can break something else. But sometimes you can't trace back what broke it. So you have to format. Phones are no different.

    If you don't explore every solution option then you can't come to a conclusion as to where the problem is. A fresh install could fix your problem entirely and you'd never know if you don't try. If it doesn't, you've narrowed down the problem that much more.

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