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[New/Returning Heir Tip] ErzaLuka/Global/Simple Tips 4 New Players

-Read and follow tutorial to get use to system. Obviously.

-For selective summon try to get Water Sigret for a easier WyvernHunt.

-For ML(dark/light attribute) selective summon, best choice is Arbiter Vildred.

-Concentrate to build PVE units especially units youre going to use to farm for weapon equipments.

-Most used equipments are speed set or immunity set 

-Concentrate on PVE (story,sidestory,hunt,etc) before PVP

-Game will offer lots of free summon chance so save bookmarks for limited banner units or must pull units, at least 600 bookmarks for pity summon (guaranteed summon) 

-Save leif(energy) for event buffs (2×gold drop, 2×exp drop).

-Do daily web event for lots of rewards.

-Have a question use game chat to ask player for answers.

-Check stove website for news and events to participate for free rewards, mostly leif(energy)

-Most importantly have patience. Have fun. 😁

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