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Hall of Trials: Kayron - June 2021

Hihi~ <[^o^]>

I'm here again with another HoT post of my clearing team, scoring this much on the first try!

Advantages: Ranger stats increased, more damage when Kayron is Blinded

Disadvantages: healing is nerfed, cannot refresh/decrease skill cooldowns

Exclusive Equipment:

1) extra damage on Yuna's S3

2) extra combat readiness pushback on Lidica's S1

Here you want the party to lap Kayron and push him back as much as you can while also sweeping the mobs in 1 go. The heroes used for this fight are a lot more accessible than those I used in the past.

Of course you can Cermia/Luluca cheese this, but adding more variety to this mode is my MO.

And you'd still need to use someone like Yuna to clear out the mobs and not get cc'ed as often.

My Bloodstone is there as a failsafe in case the allies without skill nullifier get attacked relentlessly, but anything else can be substituted in.


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