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New players: 

- Make sure to press your finger against enemy skills or use the help button in game if you are losing in a fight and not sure why. Lots of story bosses have weird mechanics that you might need to play around.

- It's okay to look for higher level player's to be friends with and ask for help, both for support units and general advice. We are friendly :)

- Try to watch Stove updates from GM's, usually mentions events that give out various prizes and emergency maintenance or known bugs.

Returning players: 

- It can be a lot to take in if you don't remember mechanics or mechanics have changed, don't forget to read your units and your enemy units skills!
- Wyvern is not the only hunt to farm anymore, the other hunts are pretty good (mostly banshee), and all equipment sets except speed will be updated soon so it's good to prepare units for those contents over time.

- Make sure to check your friends list and look for active people, getting friendship points and help from good supporter units make advance in content a lot easier!

AsherBat/Global/[New/returning Heir TIPS]

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