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Mediator Kawerik Buff Suggestions [1]

Quick review: mediocre at best

From SG's own profile description on him, Mediator Kawerik seems to have been designed as a "powerful damage-dealing assistant", who's able to cleanse debuffs from all allies and support them by providing ATK and Immunity buffs (skill 3), helping with damage mitigation (barriers and ATK debuff on S2) and cycling (increase ally CR on S1).

I also believe the support-bruiser role is Mediator Kawerik's best bet at having a somewhat unique niche to himself, otherwise, if going for more of a full support archetype (high RES + SPD + bulk), he'd have to face very fierce competition with a bunch of other units who are incredibly better suited at it (DJ Basar, Maid, Kitty, Ray, Dilibet, Diene to name a few).

From testing him plenty at +11 skill level (all essential nodes) with a variety of different combinations of equipment and artifacts, I can confidently state what I found to be the biggest problems with his current kit:

  • He really needs his S3 to give him some self CR back or make it so there's some "on cool down" effect.
    • As a side support that doesn't heal and offers sub DPS at best, he can't simply waste a turn buffing and call it a day. 
  • As an exclusive single target DPS, he has very subpar damage scaling that doesn't make use of his good base HP properly;
    • He has trouble targeting the units which would make his bruiser-like damage most relevant;
  • The Combat Readiness gain from his skill 1 is interesting and unique, but unnecessarily limited.
    • Making his S1 not affect him at all was a poor design choice that could've helped alleviate his bad base SPD.
  • Those skill 3 enhancements are simply outrageous!
    • Reallocating the upgrades to the other 2 skills could help improve the overall value to the molagora used on him.

Buff Suggestion

Skill 1: Dashes toward the enemy to attack, increasing the combat readiness of the caster and of the ally except for the caster with the highest Combat Readiness by 10% (up to 15% with skill up). Damage dealt increases proportional to the caster's Max Health (HP multiplier from 4% to 8% of his max HP).

Skill 2: Attacks the enemy with the mediator's power ignoring existing buffs on the target and granting a barrier to all allies for 2 turns. Damage dealt and barrier strength increases proportional to the caster's max Health. (HP multiplier from 7% to 10% of his max HP; move one skill up from S3 to S2 for +10% barrier strength)

Skill 3: Restores balance that has been destroyed, dispelling all debuffs from all allies and granting increased Attack and immunity for 2 turns, before increasing the caster's combat readiness by 50%. Soul Burn: Consumes 10 souls to increase buff duration by 1 turn. (Cool Down: from 7 turns to 5 turns; Skill Enhancements: +1 Soul; -1 CD)

With such buffs, that mostly emphasize what's already in his original kit, Mediator Kawerik could become a useful support-bruiser that makes proper use of his high base HP via better scaling (barriers and dmg), while also helping mitigate his bad SPD with some synergistic self CR increases. 

He'd also fill a very unique niche of being able to do direct damage to key targets by disregarding potential defensive buffs (Barrier/ increased Def / Crit Resistance / Stealth). Also, this new mechanic wouldn't increase his already demanding stat spread since he wouldn't need to build any effectiveness for it to take effect (like debuffs - such as ATK down - tend to).

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    2021.06.06 04:14 (UTC+0)

    I like your suggestion except his s3 could be better if he gave himself 30% cr and teamwide 15% cr

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