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(GLOBAL) COME THROUGH! Equinox Recruitment!

  • Nunu4mo
  • 2021.06.04 01:29 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 95


*GUILD NAME*: Equinox


*SLOTS*: 4

*SERVER*: Global

*REQUIREMENTS*: Rank 65+ and must be steadily progressing..... Masters+ in arena or close.....Be active daily in game and try to remain active in discord.....Send aid.... .Have at least a working wyvern 12 team or higher.....Have at the least 3 units pvp geared for GW's.....Use all GW and WB attacks if possible.

*WHAT WE OFFER*: We offer a Semi Competitive Environment.....Guild Buffs 24/7.....4x GW rewards (closing in on 5x).....A nice and friendly community.... .A discord server to flex units and pulls....BTW staying active in discord is a big plus.....and lastly we offer help to build teams and give tips for pve and pvp content (With a few veteran players to help out as well).

We hope to see you soon.

 DM me on discord at Nu#9000

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