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You don't need a 5-star hero to progress in this game. There are many 3-star heroes that can help you to progress in PVE as well as in PVP.

Here are some of them.

1. Do you need to kill a boss at a certain stage or in Abyss?

The 3-star hero "Kiris" will help you with that. Just give her a decent amount of "effectiveness" and "speed" and she can take down bosses on some stages as her 1st skill "poison" can deal huge damage. If the boss is immune to poison or has cleanse, Lorina can help you with that, her damage is based on the enemy's lost health. Imagine if the boss has high HP, every lost HP of the boss will increase her damage!

2. Do you need to rank up in PVP?

This 3-star hero named "Carrot", when you evolve her to her Specialty change, she can kill most 5-star heroes in Champion rank. Yes, you heard it right, this hero can get you to the champion rank. Just equipped her with the right types of equipment and upgrade her runes and she'll be brutal in PVP!

3. Do your team always die because of debuffs? Do you always pay gold just to heal your team?

Well, say no more, "Montmonracy" is the solution to your problem. Just equip her with "speed" and "hp" equipment and she will spam you with her skills such as cleanse, anti-debuffs and heal!

4. Does your team always die because of weak defense?

"Ras" is here to save your day! You can put Ras on the frontline. Give him enough "defense" and "hp" and he can tank your whole team! His 3rd skill will also provide additional defense to the whole team, isn't that amazing?

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