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Cutscenes issue. [1]

  • RANK36
  • PanicJ[PanicJ]
  • 2021.06.03 02:32 (UTC+0)
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Some of the cutscenes don't load and end up crashing the game. It's not that common but it has happened at least 3 different times.

Also uhm this

 When I mention it on the Google play store I got this link it sent me here.

Also another thing only happened once but still figured since I'm mentioning the other thing I might as well mention it 

That it the people sitting in the tavern area. Not sure what really caused it but still figured I should mention it as well.

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    2021.06.10 02:22 (UTC+0)

    Hello PanicJ! Thank you for sharing the issues with us.I will forward it to the appropriate team. Thank you!

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