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What I did when I first started the game to get more heroes was summon in the covenant summon. I got most of my ML heroes there. So basically what I do is I save my skystones for when there's a banner for limited heroes only and save my covenant bookmarks til they reach 50 and do a 10x summon in the covenant summon.

I know most people save their bookmarks and skystones for pity, but I find this method really helpful for me when I was starting as a new player cause I got a lot of heroes by doing this instead of saving for a banner. Since summoning in the covenant summon gives you a chance to get an ML hero as well so might as well test your luck. But please don't expect too much since this is still based on RNG, so if you get lucky, awesome, if not, it's okay, it should be expected.

But it depends on you on what strategy you want to use in acquiring heroes. But that was mine, and now since I have 80% of the heroes and a decent amount of ML, I just save my resources so I can pity for limited units and collabs. Also helps to complete everything, like the connection heroes, or the specialty change or following tutorials cause it gives a few skystones as a reward. And try to complete the reputation too. As well as doing the event, you can get free energy there, and watching ads gives free energy too. Also try to play in every content such as abyss, side stories, labyrinth, automaton tower etc and join a good guild.

Also helps to check out this website cause they have tons of events that give free rewards, following IG and FB epic seven account helps as well since they post some updates and sometimes surveys for some leif rewards. You can also join their discord, a lot of great stuff in there. Oh and join some FB groups dedicated to Epic Seven too, a lot of players are very helpful there in giving tips and they share funny memes too. You can also follow some content creators, like YDCB, skyking, Mango7 etc.. there's a lot of great content creators, sorry if I can't name all. They're on Twitch and Youtube. And ofcourse join events. They have a lot. And they're really fun. And always answer the surveys.

It's okay if you don't get strong fast or have every single unit. Just have fun and appreciate the heroes that you have no matter who they are because they will help you get strong. Maybe some of them aren't good, but they might get a buff in the future. You'll get all or if not all maybe atleast half of the heroes eventually if you play enough. 

Just be patient, enjoy the game and keep on grinding. Be a kind and helpful player, not a toxic one. 

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