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Shyngo / Global / Molagoras, don't go using them!

  • RANK70
  • Shyngo
  • 2021.06.02 19:18 (UTC+0)
  • 조회수 7

As tempting as it is to upgrade your character skills as you progress on the game. Think thrice before deciding on which heroes you want to spend your MolaGoras on. They are a very limited and precious resource, you get them in abundance during your early/mid gameplay and that will give you the impression they come and go easily. But don't be fooled! Molagora's are by far the most coveted resource in this game and you want to make sure you're spending them on heroes that will be used for late game content.

Examples are : Wyvern 11-13 enabled heroes, (Hell)Raid heroes, PvP overall(RTA,Arena,Guild War). Aim to spend them on heroes that partake in these contents, and you won't have any regrets later as the only way to get a molagora refund as of now is whenever the hero you want to refund receives a skill update or nerf. So choose wisely when venturing in Orbis! 

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