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1. Save all of your resources until you know what they are, and what they are used for. These include bookmarks, gold transmit stones, and especially molagora. 

2. The Moonlight Blessing truly is a blessing for new players. If you have a favorite, pick them, but the recommended choices are Arbiter Vildred (Arby) and Specter Tenebria (Stene). Arby will make your early game an absolute breeze, and will work in all stages of the game, while Steen works well towards mid and late game. 

3. If you choose anyone but Arby from the Moonlight Blessing, it is a good idea to invest into Free Spirit Tieria. She is a very strong hero that can AOE entire waves very quickly and can and will carry you throughout the story. She is another free hero you obtain, and is a great choice to promote to 6 stars.

4. There is a free level 75 gear set that you obtain from daily logins. This gear is worth enhancing all the way to +15, as it has very strong substats. 

5.    Selective summon is a powerful tool to kickstart your journey. There's nothing wrong with choosing your favorites here, but the best heroes you can get here are Sigret and Ravi. Sigret makes one of the strongest gear farms (Wyvern Hunt) much easier to do, while Ravi is a strong hero useful throughout all of PVE and PVP. 

6. Side Story is a great place to obtain materials for less energy than would otherwise be needed. In particular are the Epic and Rare Catalysts, the Molagora, the Bookmarks, and the Artifact charms. 

7. Breaths of Orbis, which you find in the story, are used to upgrade Sanctuary, and are found in sidepaths apart from the main path. It's a good idea to take a detour and pick these up. They are obtained from every chapter, and have a small icon on the chapter map. 

8. Adventure Path quests give rewards for completing tasks you are going to do at some point anyways, do these as soon as you can as there are multiple quest lines and some of the tasks are not retroactive. 

9. Most of all, Have Fun! There are any number of ways to play this game, the most imporant tip I can give is to always remember why you play the game. 

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