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Knowlage Seed Artifact [3]

Did anyone find a use of that artifact other than convert it to powder?

There are plenty of useful mage artifacts and this one grants a random buff and it requires the holder to die(who actually want that)

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    2021.06.02 16:34 (UTC+0)

    So far there is no need for this kind of artifact.

    There no reason to put it on dmg dealer mage as artifact for more dmg are what dmg dealer needs. Support mages will go for souls artifact or crit rate or dmg.

    There only 2 ways to make a need for this kind of artifact,(1) creat a mage with his s2 passive that triggers when receiving buffs for allies or himself and have auto revive one time only (2) change artifact effect to new one 

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    2021.06.02 19:08 (UTC+0)

    It is unlikely to find a good use for it. However, I prefer to keep 1 copies of each Artifact, even if it is something like Doctor's Bag. Obviously, this will get a buff or rework sometime.

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    2021.06.02 20:25 (UTC+0)

    It is certainly a very small niche of an artifact. No one plans on seeing a unit die, but I suppose if you know going in that the unit's going to get hosed anyway, it could be a sort of hail mary pass type gimmick to set the rest of the surviving team up. Never tested it myself, but I do recall someone mentioning shenanigans around revival too, so it does have very, very, limited use cases.

    As Lanselot says, it's probably a good idea to keep at least one around in case you find your own use, or it gets some sort of buff/rework in the future.

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