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PC Client When? [2]

Other games *that shall not be named* lead by example.

It would certainly improve the experience on PC compared to emulator.

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    2021.06.02 13:34 (UTC+0)

    That "certain game" is more an outlier than the rule. Very few mobile games have PC versions, almost none that I'm aware of have ever done so after the fact, ie, developed a PC version after releasing a mobile version. If it wasn't part of their initial development plans, there is likely little appetite from a developer standpoint to go down that road, particularly as PC and mobile versions of the same game often do not run on the same basic client, so that would require some manner of reinventing the wheel at this point three years in. There is little chance that a PC version of E7 will come out unless they decided to do one during a planned switch to an entirely new game engine. 

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