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Got lucky and now i need help [4]

  • STOVE143778678
  • 2021.06.02 04:12 (UTC+0)
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Got 5* remnant violet & Roana  from 10* free daily pull 

got flan from banner 

took specter tenebria from moonlight blessing


i feel like only my arby  my ruele is kinda decent .

i used lifesteal set on remnant violet and seriously he hits like a wet noodles. 

where can you get equipment charm ?

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    2021.06.02 04:15 (UTC+0)

    nice pulls m8. just play hunt and enhancing gears like always. it takes time. and lifesteal on riolet is kinda hungry for stats tho.

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    2021.06.02 04:58 (UTC+0)

    I already have this issue from the start of the game, the game bless me with so much good heroes, yet in 9 months my best 3 unit is wyvern unit with only 120k cp. just be patient bro, I stop playing 3 times because of this gear stuff, so now I play casual and stop care about anything. 

    keep in mind that u can only build 1 hero with full (decent or good) gear per month so u wont dissapoint too much, in fact it usually take more than 1 month per hero, this is one of the reason why a lot of people too afraid to even start to play this game because veteran player tell them this fact

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    2021.06.02 07:05 (UTC+0)

    So getting good gear is always a problem / takes quite some grinding. Enhancin is usually not the bottleneck, but if you are starved on charmes, it is a good idea to:

    1) do these idle *war missions* in the sanctuary for conquest pts

    2) buy arena flags with friendship pts

    3) do as many arena battles (vs players or AI) as you can

    4) buy charmes in conquest store

    5) do Raid for these stones that you can buy accessory charmes with

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