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  • Hanoko
  • 2021.06.01 21:46 (UTC+0)
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For new players, I would say most important thing in any gacha game is reroll when you start out.

There is selective summon when you start out and you need to be very strict when you decide on which unit to roll for as having say too many healers and no dps early on may slow down your progression. Currently, you can receive free spirit tieria which is +15 skill enhanced for free which should be a good farmer without much investment. So I would say go for units that will benefit you toward your wyvern 13 hunt units (sigret, furious 4* (free from connection), alexa 3*, clarissa 4*, etc) Most of the 3* and 4* unit should come naturally as you reroll and summon more later down the road while summoning as you progress. Most important tip I would like to give to any player is be cautious when you spend your resources. Don't blow all your BMs when you cannot guarantee the pity. This is the worst thing one can do. You cannot rely on pure *LUCK*. You can rely on it while having pity, sure that's a more safety method. There are many guide and tips on E7 discord you can look to and if nothing can answer your questions, then you can ask someone on discord as your last resort.

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