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  • 2021.06.01 21:38 (UTC+0)
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Research on what units are best for w13 (most important in this game and your main goal) for the revamped selective summon

Units that are great includes: clarissa, sigret, furious with song of stars artifact, and general purgis (t0 tanker in w13).

Once you are done with selective summon, start grinding out each zone while 3*ing to get more skystones, mola, gold etc.

Keep grinding and enhance gears as you get stronger. Most important thing to note is since collab is around the corner, don't waste all your resources recklessly. We may get 2-3 limited and 1 if not maybe 2 summer limited. Play and summon in a smart way if you are F2P. Whales.. just swipe it away~

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