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  • Yufix
  • 2021.06.01 21:01 (UTC+0)
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I have a problem for days that I don't know how

to solve, once while I was going to Huche in the

labyrinth (tirel castle area 1) I accidentally

selected stop exploring instead of yield, from

that time enemies started to appear again in that

path, I tried several times  to redo area 1 entirely,

but it didn't work, how do I make enemies stop


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  • images
    2021.06.01 21:36 (UTC+0)

    talking about story? labyrinth?  what labyrinth?

    Your post is not precise enough, and what kind of help do you wish for?

  • images
    2021.06.02 00:26 (UTC+0)

    Every time you go into Labyrinth, all enemies are reset, the only thing different is golden chests that you have opened and your path/fast travel within the map. The enemies will not disappear forever when you kill them in the labyrinth. You need to make use of fast travels to move around. 

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