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First time to play E7? i need to tell u some important information that can help u to enjoy E7.

1. At the selective summon, you need (at least) 1 5★ hero to make your game be more easy. 

2. You can choose Vildred, Sigret, Sez or Ravi to farming and finish chapter 1. if u want the best character, you can choose vildred. form my experience, u can bring vildred in few content (story, hunt, pve, arena, etc). And now, i still bring him to finish chapter 3. 

3. Focus to build 1 character (for example: vildred). certainly u need another character to finish story. But trust me,  no need healer/ranger/knight/mage/warior to finish chapter 1. off course you need to find them, but no need to build them seriously if your starter hero still on progress building. 

3. I'm not say that another 5★ hero at the selective summon are bad. they're pretty good with their job. but, they can't make the best farming time n farming method be more better than vildred. 

hey! came back to play E7 again? i have to tell you about lates update! at first time, i think u will be more excited to play E7 again. Many features has changed n i can't tell u all.

1. Now, you can get free1 5★moonlight hero. for the option, u can choose one (MA Ken, Arby, Ruelle, D Corvus, J Kise). off course with some mission to get them. 

2. Energy consume for hunt and expedition be more less than before. 

3. Researcher Carrot,  with her burn debuff, she is the stunning character that i have seen. you have to get her! Now! 

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