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Different Email Address For Other Server [1]

**I apologize if this is not where I should be asking this question. I will understand if it is moved to another topic/area/thread or if I am asked to take down this post.**

I just started this game about a month ago. I have been searching for an answer but I thought I should just post my question on here. I am on two different servers under one email address. Is it possible to have one of the servers on a different email address?

When the game settings mention "account", does it refer to one account on one server or all the accounts on all servers? 

Thank you!

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    2021.06.02 00:34 (UTC+0)

    Hi, you cannot separate your accounts to different email addresses, it only works this way: You play as a guest account, then you save your guest account under your email address. It is impossible to change. 

    In the game settings, Reset Server = Reset account that you are opening on that server only. 

    Delete Account = Delete all server accounts 

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