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jeanclaude07/Asia/"Easy 17 Epic7 Tips"

1. Start with a good 5* hero (sigret, vildred or sez).

2. Get the useful FREE connection heroes to progress FAST! (angelica, free spirit tieria)

3. Build 3* heroes with specialty change (ras, kluri, montmorancy)

4. Always save 605 bookmarks (guaranteed banner summon).

5. Spend expiring energy before leifs.

6. Rush the adventure mode until you hit a wall.

7. Do 3 abyss everyday (get the lifesteal sets).

8. Complete daily & weekly reputation (every skystone counts!)

9. Save skystones (spend only 

10. Get a pet for auto-repeat.

11. Build your wyvern team to farm gears!

12. Farm gold/runes/catalysts during rate up events (spend all your energy!!!)

13. Rearrange gears during free unequip event.

14. (Late game) Refresh Garo's shop using skystones for BM's/mystics.

15. Join a guild active in expeditions/war.

16. Take time to appreciate you waifu/husbando collection once in a while.

17. Always remember that there are lucky and unlucky days. Never give up to get a SPARK!

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