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  • iRonXDt[iRonXDt]
  • 2021.06.01 11:10 (UTC+0)
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Hello! I'm pretty sure there's a lot of tips already mentioned. But I would like to point out to other players and new players that there's a daily stuff to buy or do:

First thing are the daily energy you can purchase at the Friendship tab and the Conquest Points tab. You can also buy 5 Entry Tickets to use in Arena daily using 100 Friendship Points.

Second, you can go to Adventure and go to Chapter 3-4 Ki Ruburan. There's a merchant in there that sells very expensive stuff, but you can buy Charms. Which is very valuable for upgrading gears.

Third, you can go to Labyrinth, Tirel Castle in Chaos, Area 1, Teleport to the top waypoint, go West. After you do one battle, you'll find the Vagrant Merchant, he also sells Charms and sometimes, he sells Artifact Charms that are very useful and rare. The trick here is after you buy all you need, Pause the game on the top right corner and Yield. You will exit the Labyrinth without using your Labyrinth Compass.

Lastly, there's always a web event going in Epic 7, you can get useful stuff that helps you get stronger. Don't forget and do this everyday and collect all the freebies. You can check which event is current by going to your Mailbox and on the right.

Doing all this stuff everyday will give you more energy to use for progression, more Charms to use for upgrading gears, more Entry Tickets to use in Arena to raise your Arena Rank, and so much more cool stuff. Keep in mind that you can do this everyday starting 3:00am PST in Global Server.

Hope this'll help to new players and old players as well! Go luck and have fun!

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