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just enjoy this game with Free Arbiter Vildred

Licanoca/Asia/just enjoy this game with Free Arbiter Vildred

tips: at the begining on selective summon i recommended you chose sigret for hunt ez wyvern and for you farmer you can get F.Tieria from  hero connection for Free, and then fokus build you hero hunt wyvern 13 and more pve content like labyrint/raid and abyss, after all and the end you can build pvp hero, u can get one of 5* Moolight hero(arbi,MA Ken,Ruele,J.Kise,D.Corvus,S.Tenebria) at the begining i recommended you chose Arbi(Arbiter Vildred) for pve and pvp content. But most important is you Enjoy this game. Thank You.

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