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MooSul/Global/Tips for New Heirs!

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  • MooSul
  • 2021.06.01 09:50 (UTC+0)
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  • Wait for 70 Summons event and then reroll for ML units. 
  • Get Sigret/Vildred/Ravi from selective summons. 
  • Choose Arbiter Vildred or Specter Tenebria from Moonlight Selection thingy.
  • Farm all day and night in Wyvern 13 and pray you don't get 15%'ed.
  • Craft really bad gear from whatever gold you got left.
  • Enter Arena/RTA/GW and pray you don't get 15%'ed.
  • Enter Abyss and pray you don't get 15%'ed.
  • Proceed to get 15%'ed, dual attacked, evaded, outsped, etc.
  • Cry in a corner.
  • Rinse and repeat when necessary. Good luck.

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