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[New/Returning Heir Tip] Solitaria/Global/Tips for new and returning heirs.

Some tips for new heirs :

1. Choose any 5 star you like in selective summon. Choose Arbiter vildred in moonlight blessings

2.get free spirit tieria from connection After clear story 2.2 chapter 1 .

3. Max lvl 40 S.Tieria that got, she can help you to clear wave easier in chapter 1.

4. Focus build S.tieria until she level 60 just focus on her, she can help abyss solo auto until F50.

5. Farm fodder with S.tieria is easier 

6. Build wyvern team, you can max star all unit easier with S.tieria.

7. Best healer for new heirs is angelica. Use her, you can get her from connection.

8. Build arbiter vildred after you done moonlight blessing quest. This quest take some time just be patient.

Goodluck for new heirs.

Tips for returning heirs ;

Choose arbiter vildred in moonlight blessing if you don't have him 🤣

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